In November 2014, Bouldering Hawaii was launched with two primary goals in mind: 1) showcase the amazing bouldering on the Island, and 2) preserve the knowledge of what's been developed. Since then, the website has grown to reflect a decent amount of the bouldering available on Oahu, but still contains less than half of what's been developed, not to mention the other islands, each one easily holding as much steller rock as Oahu. Time constraints and access issues are the main reason the site is not more thorough. As it stands, the website can be seen as a like highlight reel.

Our hope is that you'll enjoy the website and find is useful if you're planning a trip or moving out here. On the first t-shirt we had printed for the website, we had the idea to put "There's no climbing in Hawaii" in large bold letters on the back. It was our most popular shirt because whether you were a local climber or an outside climber, you probably had heard that phrase uttered at some point in time. Hopefully the website will also do something to dispel (or perpetuate) that myth. 

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