We have decided to put together a website—this website. We are going to build it with a couple intentions in mind. First as a guidebook; we want to provide this as a high-quality, accessible, and free resource to all of you. Second, and more importantly, as a community document; to highlight one-another and our exploits as we explore the island searching for boulders – to celebrate our adventures as a group.

Putting this together is going to take a bit of time. We are collecting pictures and typing content for the site right now but we need more. Pictures, stories, support, and good vibes. The more resources we have the faster we can fill in content. If you have anything that can help with this project send it our way.

I am pretty excited about this. I think it can be a service to all of us. I hope, if you are still reading this, that you are too.

See you out there, #boulderinghawaii