The Bunker Boulders

Joe Segal on Chocolate No Milk (V6). PC: Matt Lutey

Joe Segal on Chocolate No Milk (V6). PC: Matt Lutey

A cluster of free-standing basalt blocks spread out over a few square acres, the Bunker Boulder feature a variety of angles and climbing styles -- slabs, dihedrals, compression, traverses. There's something for everybody here, with the rugged backdrop of Kaena Point flanking one side, and, on the other, a view of the ocean and the coastline of Oahu bending toward the North.

For now, this section will detail the main boulder of the area:

Angel's Boulder

This angular loaf-shaped boulder features bullet rock and a high concentration of quality lines ranging in grade from V2 to V12+. It sits on a flat landing on a hill, exposed to cool tradewinds, and overlooks the ocean. A great spot to spend the afternoon.