The Sacred Boulders

Brian running a lap on Mai Tai (V2)

A cluster of dark basalt blocks, draping off either side of a point next to the ocean. The rock is excellent, except for a sharp, rust-like patina that covers most of the boulders, as this tends to break occasionally. This spot is one of the exceptions to the few-and-far-between rule for the Island in terms of the quantity and approach. 

The Sacreds also offer the greatest range in climbing styles (roofs, slabs, highballs, pebble wrestling) and grades (VB to V9). Like the Arch, the biggest drawback of the area is that it is surf dependent, some of the boulders much more so than others. If it the surf is over waist-high, Salt Water Sound will probably be soaked. If the surf is five refrigerators high, 4 Loko might be the only thing you can climb without adding drowning to an inherent risk of the sport. 

East Side

West SIde