Unclaimed Baggage (V9)

Starts on a slot jug to the left of Darwin Award. Move left via two incuts below the lip, then grab a big rail above the lip, or, save a move or two, and skip it by doing a harder move to gain and match the crimp on the corner of the arete. Next, two betas exist to get through the crux:

  1. Grab the chunky crimp with your right and kick feet to a jug to your right and proceed to do a reachy, power-lockoff, or
  2. Grab the chunky crimp with your right, get a high left healhook, and fall backward to grab the same jug as above with your left hand. Hang on through a very difficult foot cut and get a good back on the opposing wall

Both versions proceed from here up relatively easy, but technical, vertical terrain, and the cactus brushing against your back will encourage static movement make the finish a little bit of a thrill. 

FA: Justin Ridgely / ☆☆☆