Waimea Bay

The spot that unites us all; where so many us of have met. You can come down to Waimea and consistently see a new face (or any face), and that's what sets it apart from any other bouldering spot on Oahu. Even if you don't know about the rock climbing here, you already know where it is. A lot of climbers arrive at the beach unaware of that there are 20" tall walls of basalt rising out of the sand, wishing they had brought their climbing shoes and chalk.

Not that you need those two things. The climbing here is a perfect for beginners. Most of the problems are between VB - V4, but what really makes it special is the fact that you usually don't need a crash pad either. The sand, when it's deep, can be a very safe landing. That said, almost everything is highball (25' in some parts), and the sand can fluctuate as much as six feet in a day from large surf. Falls can be big and exposed rock is common. People can and do get hurt.

Waimea Bay bouldering goes back maybe 30+ years. There's a history here, a lot more than can be covered in the few paragraphs of this short description.

Be safe & have fun! Also, please clean up your trash, and take a little extra with you :).

T-Rex Overhang Section

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Crocodile Section

Bird Cage Section  (work in progress)